About Biggs

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

We are the Three Big G's (Fathers & Sons)

Biggs Lagoon was established in 2018 but the road that led to our creation goes back 30+ years. Dale, (Big D) our father, and the reason we love aquatic life as we do, has always made sure to include the family in his joy.

The Bigg FamilyBecause of his love and passion for aquatic life and family, we have now all come together to bring our favorite things to you and your family or business.

With the support that the Colorado reefing community shared when we started this business from our family home's basement, we have been fortunate to create a shop that brings to Northern Colorado what we have always loved. Biggs lagoon is the realization of decades of experience, dedication, and passion that has come together to create an experience that we are proud to share. We strive to provide healthy/pest free livestock with all of the support you need to be successful while providing an environment that shows clearly how much we value our customers.