Installs & Custom Builds

Here at Biggs Lagoon, we do it all. We have assembled and installed tanks of all sizes, from Bigg to Small. From custom to catalog, freshwater or saltwater, consider us your one shop solution. We also honor warranties on most of our custom installs and the tanks, just an inquiry away. Lets build your dream tank and get you your own slice of ocean.

Being a Red Sea dealer we have decided to offer a discount on labor to those who have decided to purchase a Red Sea and have it installed by us. Instead of the $100/hr per Aquarium Tech, it is $50/hr for that second Aquarium Tech on the job. Two Aquarium Techs are always required for any install due to safety reasons. Any tank 5 foot or larger may require more than two technicians on site. Message us for any quotes or questions and lets get SALTY!

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