Maintenance Services

General Service Policy

Biggs Lagoon started in our home basement back in 2018 but we have been intimately involved with tanks of all kinds our entire lives. Through those decades of experience, we have adopted and crafted procedures that have created and maintained natural works of art that have enriched our lives throughout. Now, we are able to extend that 30+ years of knowledge and service directly to your home systems. With the "General Service Program," Biggs will maintain and clean various aspects of your system so that you can enjoy your aquarium with less effort and greater peace of mind. All while treating your home and tank as we do ours!

Our General Service Program Includes:

  • Cleaning of all Surfaces Interior and Exterior 

  • API AQUA SPIN testing - Alk, Cal, Mag, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ammonia and Phosphates Tested

  • Remove and replace filter sock if clean one is provided

  • Temp Reading

  • Emptying of Skimmer and Cleaning of Collection Cup

  • Salinity Test

  • Clearing off Pumps, Overflow, Flow Generators

  • Equipment Check w/Stray Electricity Evaluation

  • Wellness Report w/ Test Tracking

  • Manual Feeding or Auto Top Off Refill. 


Pricing for Genral Service

Base Pricing

Pricing for our General Service Program is based on an hourly rate structure. A tech will come to your home or business and provide the above-listed tasks for a $100.00 base rate. If a job requires more time than the initial hour, payments will be rounded up to the nearest half-hour. 

Truck Charge

There will be a truck charge of $20 added to every service call to cover misc. parts used on basic job (zip ties,plumbing,razor blades etc.) as well as maintenance on the BIGGS RIGS!

After Hours and Weekend Service Rates

Our regular hours of operation are Monday - Friday (8:00 am - 6:00 pm.) Jobs outside of these hours will fall into two categories:

  • Weekend Hours - $125.00 for the first hour. Additional hours are rounded to the nearest half-hour at the weekend rate.

  • Off Hours - Minimum $150.00 for the first hour. Additional hours are rounded to the nearest half-hour at the emergency rate.

Flights of Stairs

(Only applies when providing water change or tank relocation services.) $25.00 a staircase will be an additional charge on top of the base rate.


Additional Employees

Additional technicians will cost $100.00 per hour, per technician.  


Discounts Available

There are various paths to discounting your service. We offer discounts for those who serve us and those who engage in long term relationships with Biggs Maintenance. All clients who sign up for a Biggs Maintenance Program have many benefits to first pick of livestock and private shopping experiences as well as monetary advantages. Contact us to see what our future together holds! 

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